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Welcome to my SmugMug Page. Thanks for looking.

I'm Glenn and I live in Irving Texas. While I've enjoyed taking pictures most of my life I only recently started taking things a bit more seriously. I wanted to be able to take better pictures for my wife's beautiful pottery for her web site and so I enrolled in some classes at the local community college as so the journey began.

Started off with an almost SLR camera - Panasonic FZ30. Very nice but I quickly realized that it was limited to do what I wanted to do. So after looking around I settled on a Pentax K10D. I've since upgraded to a K20D which is what I'm shooting now.

Many of the galleries contain photo's from class with some travel photo's thrown it. With the exception of the portfolio folder the pics haven't had any photoshop work done other than raw conversion and a bit of automated tweeking to convert them to jpegs.

You'll probably notice you don't see too many people in my pictures. I'm mostly interested in outdoor photography - both nature and urban. People just get in the way :)

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